Hi, with Blender3D we did GSOC last year and I was a mentor for one of the projects.
Some decisions have been made this year as to how we filter applicants.

in a nutshell- these seem obvious.

  1. They must be able to compile the software   (a few students ended
     loosing time by not having a propper dev environment)
  2. They must be able to submit a patch-    (for blender, we are even
     requiring they write a small patch and submit, as a requirement
     for being an applicant )
  3. They have to know the language they are programming in.   (durr.
     but we had 1 guy who hadnt used C before, he had used other
     languages tho and did complete the project, but this is not ideal)
  4. Must be able to devote full time. no summer jobs, courses.   (had
     some problems with this also)

for full docs see.

I hope gimp can get gsoc, no doubt many of the guys at google even use the gimp sometimes.
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