I would like to develop a plug-in for The Gimp, but I don't know if it
would be accepted as Google SoC project or need to be a contribution
to the core of the program.

If it were possible my purpose is:
- Implements the algorithm based on the paper "capturing a black cat
in shade:                      past and present of Retinex color
appearance models"

If not, I would like to ask some things about the purposals to SoC

#Resource management: should this project  be implemented using Gimp
API directly?

#Create an SDI manager widget: I have been searching how this option
may be implemented. As gtk+ lacks of any standarized Support for MDI
the option would be to implement it in gtk+ even with the option to
tab the documents open in workspace. So if that option is enabled the
main gtk program would be an instance of that gtk+ container class,
and if not it would be as always has been. Am I in the right way?

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