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> Hi,
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-04-19 at 1158.08 +0200):
> > > How is this fairly straightforward with the current architecture? I
> > > would rather say that it is currently almost impossible to implement
> > > sanely.
> > Ah, but I'm insane.
> > Add a layer type for effect layers, and define 3 operations that you can
> > associate with the layer (to start): curves, levels and colour balance.
> > All the operations are pixel-by-pixel, which should make things easier.
> > Then hack the projection code to add a special case for an effect layer.
> Internally I would say they are blend modes. Make them special so
> content is fixed and flat (better compression), so only layer mask
> matters. Then make the formula for the blend mode be curves, levels,
> colour balance... whatever you can find that is pix to pix (and
> probably LUT based in many cases, if not all) and make it work in BG
> while the FG is unused. The settings would be stored in a parasite.

Excellent idea.  Unfortunately, when people say they want layer
effects most of the time what they mean is that they want spiffy
auto-drop shadows.  Of course, that's not that hard to represent with
a few parameters.  But it's not exactly something you can implement
with a LUT.  Still, I think it's pretty doable as a custom layer. 
Perhaps implementing some as blend types and some as custom layers is
a good plan.

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