William Skaggs ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 4) Vector layers and tools to manipulate them -- allowing adjustable
> rectangle and ellipse shapes, lines with arrow, etc.

Actually my roadmap for vector layers would look something like this:

  - create the infrastructure to have vector "styles", i.e. a vectors
    object has fill and stroke attributes. Create GUI to edit these

  - make it possible to create a connection between a vectors object and
    a drawable, similiar to a text layer: the drawable gets rerendered
    when the vectors object changes.

  - probably it should be possible to attach multiple vectors to a
    single drawable. Each vectors object would have its own style
    attributes and the order in the paths dialog would determine the
    rendering order on the drawable.

  - Try to figure out a workflow for editing this in a sane manner. IMHO
    the path tool is sufficient to edit the shape of the associated
    path, but all the other stuff might need some thinking.

Stuff like rectangle and ellipse shapes are not inherently connected to
the vector layer stuff, they would simply be different stroke types. I
already have implemented an proof-of-concept rectangle stroke type, that
is a bit weird to edit, but works.

I offer to mentor this project.

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