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>    1. Re: gimptool-2.0 installed on Windows XP? (Dave Neary)
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> Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 20:33:57 +0200
> From: Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [Gimp-developer] Re: gimptool-2.0 installed on Windows XP?
> To: "A.J. Bobo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Cc: gimp-developer@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu
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> Hi A.J.,
> A.J. Bobo wrote:
> > I am interested in learning how to write plug-ins for GIMP
> > without having to use script-fu. I found your tutorials and
> > really like them. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find
> > gimptool-2.0 on my computer. I'm using Windows XP and GIMP
> > 2.2.11. Was this file (and the required header files) not
> > installed on Windows, or did I miss something? Where can I find
> > the files I need to write and compile plug-ins? Thanks for your
> > help.
> Thanks for your praise - I always like hearing back about the
> articles.
> I'm forwarding your mail on to the GIMP developers list, since
> honestly I've never developped anything for the GIMP on Windows,
> and I don't know where you might be able to get a hild of a
> gimptool-2.0 for the platform.
> The build environment for GIMP development on Windows is a bit
> tricky - I've bailed out a couple of times after getting all the
> dependencies installed because of some linking issues - but if
> anyone can point you in the right direction, they're probably on
> the gimp-dev list.
> Cheers,
> Dave.


Here is how Scribus launches GIMP on Win32 from within Scribus:

The default on windows is: 
C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/bin/gimp-win-remote.exe gimp-2.2.exe

This will then either start a new instance of gimp or use the 
currently running version of gimp. This is the command you would need 
to use for the Start > Run dialog. 

If I am wrong, I hope someone corrects this.

Hope that helps.



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