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> Honestly, compiling GIMP plugins on Windows is difficult to set up.  I
> don't think that anyone does it on a regular basis.


is supposed to get you from zero to a working development environment by
downloading and installing all the tools and libraries. However, it is still
expected that users have a look at the scripts and know what they are doing
in case anything goes wrong.

The instructions are geared towards getting GIMP built, but the environment
is suitable for building plug-ins as well, though some of them may require
you to install additional libraries ("install" usually refers to unpacking
zip files to the right location, libraries shipped as installers are
uncommon and if they do, they're usually packaged badly, e.g. without
headers and lib files).

Getting the libgimp headers and lib files is the biggest obstacle when
building a plug-in on Windows, this could be reported as an enhacement
request against the Installer component. I'd prefer to have a zip file for
this instead of an installer, though.


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