Hello, Everyone
My problem is that on the main GIMP interface, I do not see a minimize
button.  I looked through the "preferences" menu, especially
the Window Management part, and I found nothing that would let me
re-enable the minimize button.  When I right click on the GIMP icon in
my taskbar, "minimize" is greyed out.  Every other window/dialog that
GIMP opens has a minimize button, except the main application
interface itself.
This has been bothering me for a while now, but the thing that prompted
me to finally ask about it was when I tried to take a screenshot of my
entire display and I could not get rid of the main GIMP interface.
(Implied in the fact that this was an issue is that the thing I wanted
to take a screenshot of was maximized.
So, any information about how to re-enable the ability to minimize the
GIMP would be greatly appreciated.

Steven P. Ulrick

P.S.: My OS is Fedora Core 5.  I am running Gimp 2.3.9 from CVS.  Also,
"/etc/sysconfig/desktop" shows the following:
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