Michael J. Hammel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm looking for feedback on this (see below) from both core developers
> as well as casual (infrequent) contributors and end users.

Ok, I guess I am a casual core developer...  :)

I'll just drop in some thoughts, not really ordered....

> Here is a summary of what we're looking for in this article:
> Part I:  Overiew and History
> -  Overview of the development process:
>    design/planning, development, bugfixing, and release
> -  Who are the current GIMP core developers?

Not enough people. Sven and Mitch do most of the work on the core, then
there are some people like me who donate less time to the GIMP than
they'd like to. See the Changelog to get an idea about the number of
really active developers.

Then there are people like Pippin, who does groundbreaking work that is
not visible in the GIMPs changelog yet.

> -  The joys of bugfixing and generally being involved in a project's
>    development - preferrably from a non-core developer's point of view
> -  Overview of Bugzilla
> -  This history of the GIMP CVS repository:  access and support

We use Gnome CVS, people who contribute good patches via bugzilla can
get CVS access pretty quickly.

> -  Where to go for help: mailing lists, web sites
> Part II:  Getting Involved
> 1. Finding a bug and how to reproduce it simply.
> 2. Reporting the bug.
> 3. Finding the broken code (show code)
> 4. Fixing it (print the solution too)
> 5. Making a patch file and submitting the fix (step by step).

Maybe it would be good to actually fix a bug in the article. That would
probably require to quickly spot something small that can be fixed
easily. Look for Bugs with the "gnome-love" keyword.

> Additional info (usually presented in sidebars):
> 1. Photos of developers and/or people I correspond with and are quoted
> in this article
> 2. 1 sidebar on Writing a GIMP Plugin
> 3. One or more of the following:
>    a. 1 sidebar on GEGL
>    b. 1 sidebar on Developer Wishlist
>    c. 1 sidebar on the 5 most annoying GIMP bugs
>    d. 1 sidebar on important bug fixes provided by non-core developers
> Any additional advocacy information is also welcome (Carol, you've got
> lots there, right?).
> The "annoying bugs" should come from non-developers because we want to
> show people what needs to be fixed as encouragement to have them come
> fit it.

It might make more sense to harp on the "gnome-love" bugs, since they
are specifically marked this way because we consider them easy prey for
new developers.

I hope this helps,
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