Campbell Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> From the updates to curve, it looks like the tile size for photoshop
> is Higher then teh gimps.
> I was wondering is there a way to increase gimps tilesize - would
> there be any benifit?

It is only possible by recompiling all of GIMP and you end up with a
version of GIMP that writes incompatible XCF files and cannot read the
XCF files written by a version of GIMP compiled with a different tile
size. I have done this at some point and did some tests. I had the
impression that using a larger tile size doesn't make any noticable
performance difference.

If someone wants to rewrite the XCF routines so that tiles are always
written and read with a size of 64. no matter what the native tile
size is, we could make the tile-size configurable. But I am not sure
if that's worth the effort.

> On the other hand, Photoshop may be working on a smaller copy of the
> image at 1:1, has this been considered by the gimp dev's?

Yes, this has been considered and for the color correction tools, it
would actually be a good idea. But as far as I know, no attempt has
been made to actually implement this.

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