I'm the author of the book "GIMP 2.2" published in France by ENI.
It's the one at the top of this page : http://www.gimp.org/books/

I'm currently working on a top secret project...well...ok it's a book on Gimp 2.4 :)

I'm pre-writing it with the beta 2.3.7 on Win32 and Fedora Core 5.
I saw there is an ICC color management support but still nothing to _create_ an image directly in CMYK. I just wanted to know if CMYK support is planned for 2.4 final release, or if it's just ICC profiling support but still need to work in RVB mode before separating...

Thanks in advance !

Best regards,

Julien Pons - Graphiste / Auteur
Cell : 06 22 71 04 21
Fixe : 08 72 22 04 21

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