Hi everyone,

I'm a student who is finishing a master's degree in computer science
with a thesis on image processing.  A little more specifically I do
texture analysis and texture synthesis.

Anyways, I noticed that GIMP is a mentoring organization for Google's
Summer of Code for 2006.  I'll be completing my degree by the time the
coding portion of the program begins and so I can work full-time on a
project for most of the summer.  This will give me some more practical
working experience over the summer and hopefully be a lot of fun.  I've
been wanting to gain experience with open source programming and the
ability to have a mentor for the work is very appealing to me.

I've applied to the program to work on the "Save for the Web" plug-in
and the Healing Brush.  The Healing Brush in particular is interesting
to me and is quite related to the work that I'm already familiar with
when I did my Master's thesis.  If anyone has any other suggestions for
projects I'm very open to them, or if anyone wanted to know more about
me to aid in the sponsorship decision please ask (my resume is at
www.cs.usask.ca/grads/kbs464/resume.pdf )

Thanks a bunch for your time,

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