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> I am a student of MSTU and I have participated in developing alrithm
> that converts halftone black and white image to array of lines with
> certain parameters that can discribe parent image.  There were some
> of requirements that we have observed: - It must run as fast as
> possible, we consider that that our algorithm can work in real time,
> without any delay.  - It has to represent a full list of line we
> needed to solve our problem and there must be no false lines.  At
> the end we got the complete working algorithm and I think that may
> interest the GIMP project.  And also I think I can include this
> algorithm to GIMP. This will be a usefull function I thought.
> Follow the link to see what it can do:
> http://almaz.mrtech.ru/algo.jpg

This looks like it could make a nice GIMP plug-in. There's a tutorial
at developer.gimp.org about writing a plug-in and the GIMP source tree
has lots of examples. Let us know if you need further help.

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