I wrote:
...a tool that can stretch a selection or layer in a curvy sort of way (based on cubic bezier patches) on the main window, because I frequently want to place images inside of other images in such a way that the scale/rotate/perspective tools are not sufficient....

Probably too late, but could I convince the developers to add this as an idea for the Summer of Code? Is there any one out there willing to mentor (or otherwise work on) development of such a thing? Perhaps combined with making "mesh gradients" from the same sort of patches?

A special case of this sort of stretch tool would cover the recent enhancement request:
Bug 338888 – enhancement request for perspective transform tool:

Unfortunately I am not a student. If there is no student or anyone else out there interested in working out such features, I will certainly keep walking down the long road of mapping out the Gimp source until I understand enough to make my stretch tool (and perhaps add a "preview opacity" transform tool option, regarding bug #167926).

Alexander Rabtchevich writes:

What I do see on the tutorial page is a potentially very nice spline-based gradient tool, as Adobe Illustrator has. ;)

Hmm, I hadn't known about that! Illustrator's tool would seem to correspond to what I had labeled "edit borders only" . The full cubic patch has more twisting potential. I was inspired from reading about the postscript shading dictionaries and certain things from Blender.

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