Philip L. ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm considering creating a new brush system for the GIMP as part of the
> Summer of Code in order to make GIMP more suitable to digital painting.
> I've made some contributions to the project before, but it has been a
> while. Can anyone comment on how extensive changes to the rest of the
> codebase would need to be, how this would be affected by the future
> incorporation of GEGL, and whether this could be completed in the
> allotted time?

It is not exactly clear to me what you mean by "how extensive changes to
the rest of the codebase would need to be" - this seems to me to be very
much up to you and your ideas for the brush system enhancements.

As for GEGL, I believe in your case it is pretty safe to ignore GEGL for
now and just work on the current model. You should keep your code that
generates the images that get pasted on the layer as generic as
possible, so that it can be changed to different pixel data
representations later (16-bit, floats, maybe other color models etc.)

Does this help?

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