[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-05-07 at 1520.30 -0700):
> > I'm considering creating a new brush system for the GIMP as part of the
> >Summer of Code in order to make GIMP more suitable to digital painting. 
> Adding new painting tools that use a different type of brush is
> definitely a realistic project for somebody with your knowledge and
> abilities (as I remember from your previous contributions), and I bet
> a proposal to do that would be very well received.  I don't think
> new tool code would interact all that strongly with GEGL.  So,
> please sign up -- the deadline is fast approaching.

New tools? Why not improving the basic brush system (sometimes with
artificial limits, see animated brushes workflow or pixmap scaling)
and let all tools make use of it? Erase, airbrush and so on...

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