GSR - FR wrote:
> I am just pointing that new tools sound silly, when a more general brush 
> system seems the solution. Take ink tool, I think it could have been done 
> by just set the brush tip to react to things like speed and angle,

The ink tool is actually a good example, because it works in
a completely different way than any of the Paintbrush tools -- it
uses an array of interacting "ink blobs", rather than just brush
marks.  Possibly it could be imitated by making brushes fancier,
but the tool you get that way would be completely different from
the current ink tool at the algorithm level.

But the important point I was trying to make, which I will repeat, is
that I think we should encourage Philip to apply without worrying too
much at this moment about the exact details of his plans -- there
is plenty of time to talk that over later.

Also, I only quoted you in order to establish context, and if
it sounded bad, that was completely unintentional.

  -- Bill

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