Simon Budig wrote:
> It is not exactly clear to me what you mean by "how extensive changes to
> the rest of the codebase would need to be" - this seems to me to be very
> much up to you and your ideas for the brush system enhancements.

Specifically, what caused me to ask that was the problem of brush
spacing staying constant while the brush size scales with pressure
(although whether this is actually a problem is debatable, perhaps). At
some point there was a bug report regarding the issue but I can't seem
to find it; however, I do remember that the change was said to be

What I would like to do is to make the brush behavior more dynamic and
configurable: size, shape, color, pattern, relative position (e.g.
jitter), etc. procedurally mapped to brush parameters, pressure, and
tilt within a configurable range, perhaps in a 'filter chain'-like
fashion. Weird things could also possibly be done with other factors
such as time, position on the canvas/layer, and MIDI control but I'm
unsure of their usefulness.

I'd also be interested in working on natural brushes if it seems doable,
but I imagine they would require their own tool(s) in order to allow
smudging and other effects while painting.

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