Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> Another change that I hoped to achieve in horizon to see it's effect
> on a painting core was the ability to record coordinates and thus
> "replay" strokes. I never got quite around to this, but it allows for
> more interesting changes and smoothing of the strokes. 

I've used a program that worked in a similar way and always found it
rather annoying to see the line I had already drawn change when I
continued in another direction. I think that if you want something to be
artificially smooth then you'd be better off using the path tool.

You've given me another idea, though. Perhaps the path tool could be
extended so that each node in a path could be a 'keyframe' in the
stroke, holding brush parameters at that point. This would certainly
make path stroking more powerful. On top of that, there could be a way
to record a brush stroke into a path approximation, also holding brush
parameters as measured during the stroke. It could then be edited and
'replayed' as desired.

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