Regarding SoC, the deadline for applications comes in a few hours, and
then we have to get down to the business of figuring out which ones we
want to support.  Theoretically we have until May 22, but we should
try to do it quickly, for several reasons: first, you may need some
discussion to decide whether you want to mentor a given project;
second, because students can apply for multiple projects, the student
who is your first choice might not actually be available; third,
students who have also applied to other projects and been accepted
might be waiting to hear from us before making decisions.

Basically, people who have signed up as mentors should look over the
applications and decide which ones they would like to mentor.

A few things seem clear:

1) Schumaml is going to ask to mentor Lafriks for the GIMP resources

2) Nomis is going to pick one of the Vector Layers projects.

3) I am going to ask to mentor Kevin Sookocheff for the Healing Brush

4) We want to support Philip Lafleur, who could be mentored either by
   Neo or me, because mentoring him basically means taking care of the
   paperwork and making sure that the SoC guidelines are being
   followed.  (If I did it, I would donate the $500 to GIMP.)

Everything else is open at this point.  I have opinions, but I won't
express them here.  One suggestion I have is that in deciding what you
would like to mentor, the project plan is important, but the person is
even more important.  Having a good plan is a relatively weak
predictor of success.  The best predictor is past success -- people
who have made important contributions to open source in the past are
likely to do so again.  Other important factors are the amount of
experience the person has had, whether the person works quickly or
slowly, how much care has gone into putting together the application,
and whether the person has tried to get input from us directly.

Please bear in mind, in your interactions with applicants, that we
will only be able to support a small fraction of them, and some very
good ones are going to be left on the table -- so try to give people
encouragement but not false expectations.

  -- Bill


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