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Michael Natterer wrote:
yesterday, i stumbled across this mail, and it looks
as if this plug-in is doing exactly the right thing
to lineart images.

I "ported" it to 2.4 API and codingstylized it a bit:


Since we consider including it, I have some questions:

- The licensing would be changed to GPL, would that be ok?

It wouldn't be my first choice as I took pains to non-taint
it in the first place, but re-licensing to GPL is one of the
things implicitly permitted by the existing license so if
you must, do so.

- Do you have any link to that Scale3X algorithm? I would
  be nice to include an URL in the help.

This was *probably* the page I used as reference:
though to be fair that's just a page of pseudocode not
especially clearer than the plugin's. :)

- Is the behavior on images with alpha intentional? (it
  only affects opaque areas, but does not antialias between
  opaque and transparent parts)

It refuses to antialias between not-entirely-transparent and
entirely-transparent to avoid the possibility of giving some
partial opacity to undefined colours.  This was intentional
but heavyhandedly implemented; there is likely to be a more
delicate compromise.

- Do you maybe have a newer version around?

I'm afraid not; it was a one-day fire-and-forget experiment.
Since there's some interest I'll have a quick hack to change
the moronic subsambling kernel right now (n.b. that's not related
to the alpha thing) and if the results are better I'll submit
a patch.

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