Michael J Hammel wrote:

> 1. Developer Wishlist
> A loooong time ago there was a wish list of features for GIMP.  Is there
> any such thing now, specifically as seen from the developers point of
> view? 

The real wishlist is the collection of enhancement requests on Bugzilla.
You can also look at some of the suggestions that were proposed as 
projects for the Goggle Summer-of-Code program, at


These do not, however, include features that will depend on the GEGL
framework that is planned to be used for the next major version of
GIMP, which include effect layers, layer groups, and 16-bit-depth layers.

> 2. The 5 most annoying GIMP bugs

I'll skip this one.

> 6 (sic). Important bug fixes provided by non-core developers
> Anyone with input on fixes supplied by someone who just sort of came out
> of the blue?  The magazine feels this is important to encourage others
> who aren't currently actively involved in making important
> contributions.

There isn't really a hard distinction between core and non-core
devlopers, more of an exponential curve of involvement.  Also,
most of the people who are more or less heavily involved started
out by submitting a patch for something that ame to their attention:
me, for example.  If you want something more concrete, you can look
through the ChangeLog in the source code, searching for the term "patch",
and you will see brief descriptions of things submitted by a couple
of dozen people who don't contribute regularly to GIMP.  The most 
common are probably fixes or improvements for plug-ins, but there are
other things too.

Best wishes,
  -- Bill

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