I wrote the following a long time ago, I got a bounce from the list because the attachment was over 40Kb.

Re-read it and I am now sending it again. Attached a smaller file this time...

I guess the whole point is that Lanczos is not really the 'best' algorithm for reducing images (as suggested in the scalings dialogs whe selecting the algorithm). Now, isn't there a problem?...


I am currently using gimp from cvs.
I couldn't help to notice that the new Lanczos algorithm is available when resizing images. I also noticed that it is marked as "Best".

But my tests show something else, see the attached image
I created an image with inkscape that was about 800px wide and then resized it to a third using two methods (Lanczos and Cubic).
Then I resized that again so that I could see what was already clear: Lanczos is not better than Cubic!!!

Am I missing something?


<<attachment: compare_laczos_cubic.jpg>>

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