Cyrille Berger escribió:

I don't know if you know the create project from freedesktop
(, they have
started an effort to share such ressources between krita, the gimp,
inkscape, scribus... So maybe you can help here if you want ?

Thanks by the link, is very very interesting! ;)

But my idea is unificate all palettes and i can't find any similar project related on webpage you indicates me.

Scribus color palette,
Pantano - a Pantone Coated color palette copy (a propos of this: ¿Can I 
have legal problems about this ?)
and some others.
As far as I know we have included them in krita, the problem might come
from the use of the name which is a trademark.
Krita comes whit PANTONE COATED APROX. palette by Tigert.
This palette is great, but almost not complete and colors arte not exactly Pantone.
For example: 

P122 is : #fcd450 but Pantone Coated aprox. indiques #f7cd2a

If issues with Pantone colors were only related by the use of PANTONE as name, then, Pantano maybe legal and Pantone coated aprox. not. isn't it?
Thanks and excuse my poor english.
no problem, mine isn't much better ;)


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