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> Subject: [Gimp-developer] RFC:  three questions for the LXF article
> If anyone wants to comment on these, please feel free.
> 1. Developer Wishlist
> A loooong time ago there was a wish list of features for GIMP.  Is there
> any such thing now, specifically as seen from the developers point of
> view?

Anything and everything marked as enhancement in Bugzilla?

> 2. The 5 most annoying GIMP bugs
> Totally subjective, but please feel free to comment on these.  I know
> the two I've heard the most are that GIMP uses SDI instead of MDI and
> that the menus don't read like Photoshops (two that I, personally, think
> are irrelevent, but who am I to say what's relevent?).

I'd qualify that complaint a little further.  The GIMP uses CSDI, a
controlled Single Document Interface, where the Toolbox is the control
window[1] unlike the SDI used in Inkscape and various Gnome applications.
This makes the GIMP quite unusual and unfamiliarity is enough to put off
many users (but then there are other issues besides that).
The biggest supporters of this scheme are users with dual head setups or a
complex window manager (ie not Metacity or Windows).  I would not mention
the "instead of MDI" (Window in Window like Photoshp for Microsoft
platforms)  because that presumes too much about the best alternative.

The menus not reading like photoshop increases the learning curve allowign
users to leverage existing knowledge and makes it more difficult to reuse
all those photoshop tutorials out there.  The point I regularly make is
that I'd be a lot happier if things were _the same or better than
photoshop_ i.e. unless there was a specific reason to do things
differently they would be the same.  However the default position remains
to only copy photoshop when there is a distinct benefit to doing so.  I
don't think this is a particularly significant problem in the grand scheme
of things but it is a realtively easy complaint for users to identify and
put the blame here for other difficulties they might be having trying to
learn the software.

Alan H.

[1] The old version of Mathematica I had on windows used the menubar as a
control window.  I think Delphi did too.  Macintosh applications use the
menubar as the control window which is slightly different.
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