On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 12:25:59AM +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
> On Sat, 13 May 2006, Carol Spears wrote:
> > this is an interesting idea/observation.  i wonder if you can clarify by
> > either presenting a real life example of this or by stating clearly that
> > this is what you imagine might happen.
> In all seriousness I would not risk putting the word "gimp" anywhere on my
> CV and I have had funny reactions (funny weird, never funny ha ha) when
> explaining the GIMP to users not already familiar with it.  If you really
> wanted to make a point and include it then "GNU Image Manipulation
> Program" would get the job done.  Besides if one was applying for a
> graphics job it would be your portfolio which was important not your
> familiarity with particular software, although I'm sure it would be a
> bonus to know a variety of creative tools.  (I do list that I am familiar
> with scripting in scheme.)
okay, thank you about explaining the risks your feelings give you about
this.  what i would like to know for certain is if it is a feeling or if
you have a real life example of this?

> > a statement like this, if it really could happen, would clearly show how
> > completely unprofessional the "professional world" would be and would be
> > a very good reason for good people to take things over.
> Interviewers are notoriously shallow, how few people risk going to a job
> interview not wearing a suit?  (Rhetorical question.)
here is a lot of the same crap i have written for years.  it has nothing
to do with GIMP beyond the fact that i have displayed skills and ability
with it and the project that are difficult (for me) to explain.  i am
much better at telling about other peoples skills.

about suits:

my job as a waitress for so many years in the rural midwest, while i did
not make an income in which i could actually afford to live in the area
on, i did learn a lot about people through my own observations and the
observations of the other women i worked with.  the following
observation was not mine, but instead my friend there who pointed this
one stupid thing out about a very problematic group of people for us

in that state, there was a corporation built of motivational speakers.
they would speak to groups of people who paid to hear them and then the
way it worked, you paid them everytime you got others interested in the
same thing.  it is called a pyramid and even before i had college
mathematics, i could easily see how futile useless and dangerous this
was.  but i am all in favor of choice.  if you think that is a
worthwhile way to work and something you want to do, then have at it.

here is the suit point.  after a meeting, many of them would go to eat
at the restaurant.  often right before we closed.  they were all
"motivated" at that point and wanted everything right now an either did
not or could not tip.  my friend pointed out that this mass of people
all wore suits with tennis shoes.  the effect for me was sympathy.  in
my mind, they had been humiliated into this mental and imaginary thing
and all they could do was be abusive to waitresses with it.  and they
paid to get this "feeling".

that being said, i have been in a public place where my shoes did not
match my nicer clothing.  the wrong kind of sandals with the dress.  i
was trying to feel pretty though, not get a job.

restaurants are interesting places.  i worked as a bartender in a
corporation owned restaurant for a while.  due to its location, there
were a few airline pilots that would come to the little bar there.  the
pilots had a rule that they could not drink within the eight hours
before their next flight.  drink alcohol.  i watched men who were passed
out drunk and knew they would be getting into the cockpit of an aircraft
and still be in a condition of dangerous levels of substance abuse.
there is an example of rules in action.

about names:
carol means song in french.  i consider music and musicians to be my
"motivational speakers".  they make no promises though.  i look back on
my life and see where i loved the song but did not listen to the lyrics
so well.  this makes me laugh now because it is funny.  i was a naive
teenager singing about my first encounter as a gay man at the top of my
lungs.  this is funny stuff when you get older, or it should be.

even though my name is carol, i can't sing.

so the point is (at the end of a too long and too off-topic email) this:
i don't want to be hired by a company who has stocked its employees by
such an interviewer as you have described here.  do you?

apparently, in your situation the world is being run by people who are
unable to do their job.  and you are in a position where you need to
answer to them.

i am taking a different approach to the same problem.  i have done the
job and need the people who know this to step up and do the right thing.

do you really want to work somewhere in which the person hiring the
staff think that GIMP means something from that movie?  i surely don't.
i don't want to be hired by any group of people who are not far-sighted
enough to see alternatives.

i would like to stop doing the same thing myself over and over again.  i
am attempting this by not lying ever.  if i am stuck in some cause and
affect loop because i have lied in my past, soon enough, i should get
out of it.

now, i question my observations.  they really did all wear suits and
tennis shoes and think that being somewhat abusive to waitresses would
get them further in life.  they paid someone to give them this feeling.  
i wasted my money on music and books.


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