Hi Everyone!

It's me, the Xtns -> Extensions guy if you remember.

I've been using GIMP over the last months to really get to know it, and I must admit that the workflow improves dramatically once you start to really get into the UI.

I have however noticed one thing that I think could be improved. I've found myself using the 'New layer' command on the 'Layers' window quite often, and it is very rare that I want to change the properties of the layer. (The absolute most frequenty new-layer-command is 'create a new transparent layer the same size as the image').

I propose a small change to the code. Since it is very few lines, I thought that creating a .diff file would be overkill, so I'll just write the changes here:

In gimp-2.3.8/app/widgets/gimplayertreeview.c swap place of the new layer callbacks so it becomes this:

 item_view_class->new_action = "layers-new-last-values";
 item_view_class->new_default_action  = "layers-new";

In gimp-2.3.8/app/actions/layers-actions.c, make layers_new_last_vals_cmd_callback() be invoked when <control><shift>N is pressed (instead of layers_new_cmd_callback()).

If you need this as a formal patch, let me know and I'll create one.

IMO this improves the workflow futher.

/Martin Nordholts

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