> Ah, it was the other way around before, I see.
> From previous discussions however, I concluded that GIMP is not inteded to
> be an app for newbies, but rather be effective to its faithful users.

I don't think that discoverability is about newbies vs. professionals.

I am assuming you mean 'image editing newbies' and 'image editing professionals'.

By 'newbie' I mean new to the GIMP interface. By 'faithful user', I meant someone that knows GIMP and what it is capable of. As I said, I have concluded, based on previous discussions, that GIMP is not aimed towards newbies. Thus, the 'indiscoverability for GIMP newbies'-argument falls.

> >If you know about the Shift-Click it basically is not more or less
> >convenient than a simple click on the button. Hence I don't see how
> >switching this around again would drastically improve the workflow.
> Having to use two hands instead of one is a dramatic loss of workflow IMHO.

Uh, please back that up.

Refer to my reply to Alexandre:

> If you would want _one_ new layer per image, than this doesn't matter.
> However, for more serious work where creating many layers often, having to
> use the left hand for shift is not effective I think.


Why it makes a difference if you have to use Shift many times?

Well, let's say it takes 0.3 secs longer to Shift click than just to click, you save 0.3 secs for one click, but 30 seconds if you do 100 clicks.

I probably misunderstood the 'why' though...

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