On 5/17/06, Martin Nordholts wrote:

>>I understand your point. Our different conclusions is based upon our
>>different definitions of 'consistency'. I think that the UI should be
>>consistend in the effective workflow sense, while you want it to be
>>consistent in a structured way.
>I don't buy this distinguishing of "consistencies", sorry.

I'd appreciate if you told me why instead of just 'I don't agree with you'.

Because in fact you are not talking about effective workflow over
structure really.

Have a look at most recent Inkscape or read
http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/ReleaseNotes. Calligraphic pen
and Pen tool now use same modifiers other tools use. This is both "in
the sense of effective workflow" and "in the structured sense",
because it gives consistent experience throughout UI that leads to
effective workflow. Now you might understand why I didn't buy that

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