Yes. You think. And you have no way to back that up.

It feels good knowing that you understand that this is what I think, and that I never claimed that I know this.

I for myself *do* use the dialog occasionally, mainly for creating new
white layers.

I'm sure a lot of people _occasionally_ use the dialog, but as I said, I think that _all_ users (including you) most often just clicks OK in the dialog (or Shift-clicks)

I'll readily agree that you have a point when
looking at this specific button in an isolated manner. Heck, I even was
involved into making this button behave in this way before we reverted
it back to its current behaviour.

Thank you!

My point is that we need to look at the big picture. The New-Channel and
New-Path button behave the same way. In a lot of other dockable dialogs
there are "New"-Buttons as well. For the reasons stated earlier I want a
consistent behaviour. This is not the case currently, but your change
won't make it more consistent at all. We need to analyze these things
and change them in an coordinated manner. Read: Usability-Study or at
least a description of the current situation and then try to improve

I understood your point, I was mainly concerned over that seemingly noone understood or agreed with my arguments.

I totally buy your consistency argument, but I also weight it with the improved workflow in the other. My view is that changing this would improve workflow more than it breaks it, i.e. it is more common to create a New layer without changing its properties, than don't knowing what a Shift-click and a normal click will do for a specific button. Learning which button does what when it gets Shift-clicked is a finite job, while creating new layers is an non-finite job.

Dags att byta jobb?

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