I have just committed a set of major changes to the UI of the alignment
tool, which make it work mostly like alignment tools found in vector
graphics programs, and hopefully make it esier to use.  

The way to use it now is to select layers by clicking on them or sweeping
out a rubber-band rectangle that completely encloses the layer bounds.
Hold down Shift to add the newly selected items to the set already selected.
(Only Visable itmes are selected.)  Then press a button in the Tool Options 
to bring all the selected items into alignment with each other.  Selected 
layers are indicated by four small squares at the layer corners.

Please try it out and let me know if you find bugs -- I'm sure there are
a few.

It occurred to me, as I was setting this up, that there is a logical similarity
between selecting things for this tool, and linklng things using the
Layers dialog -- and that there might be advantages in merging the two
things, which wuold actually be quite easy.  It would be simple to make
the tool set items as "linked" when they are selected, and to have the
alignment commands act on the set of items that are currently linked.
This would have the advantage that after aligning items, you could
easily move or transform them as a group, without having to mess around
with the layers dialog.  It would take a little infrastructure to make
this all work smoothly, but nothing that would be difficult.

  -- Bill

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