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For this particular button however, I think we are not even talking about a majority, but rahter as good as _all_ users.

If you ask yourselves, how often do I need to adjust the settings of a layer, and how often do I just click OK on the dialog, what is your answer?

FWIW, I think this is one thing (in fact the only thing, I guess) that Microsoft Visual SourceSafe got right. Many functions show a dialog box with options when you first use it. The dialog box has a checkbox "From now only show this dialog if Shift is pressed" (or something to that effect; I don't remember exactly). If you check the checkbox, that specific function from then on doesn't display the dialog anymore; it just uses the default (or current) option values.

If you want to change the options, you just press shift while selecting the function. I believe there's also some preferences menu to reset the shift-behavior.

Works pretty good, I think.

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