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>What I _want_ is a straight line, constrained to horizontal or
>vertical, drawn with the caligraphic brush (so it has a chiselled end)
>and using the "fade out" option, so it disappears smoothly over a

What are the current plans on adding vector drawing to GIMP?
If plans at all.

I have earlier proposed the vector layer. I actually proposed
an arbitrary data layer, display plugins, the tool plugins, in
addition to the associated plugins. The vector layer would require
several tool plugins for manipulating the vector data.
The vector plugins may paint the vector data to an image layer,
or, e.g., perform operations between two vector images. Typically
the vector layer would be a part of an image having RGB layers.

The system would be very general. For example, a rectangle selection
tool could be implemented with help of a temporary vector layer.
I have explaned such a tool earlier here.

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