The company I work for needs a particular software solution which may be solvable by adding features to Gimp and/or Pango. We currently have a server based ad layout solution which is in use with a variety of languages. However, we are unable to support complex text RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic. We know that Gimp supports rendering of those languages, but we would need more capabilities in order to utilize it. We are looking to hire someone on a contract basis to help us provide a solution. Here are the specifics of what we are looking for.

Here is a full ad in Hebrew. The layout of this ad will be controlled by our layout application. The size of the ad and its text will change based on user needs.

We need a Gimp/Pango solution to render the headline, copy and legal text rectangles in that ad. Here are jpegs of just those areas.

We would ask a script to accept rectangle dimensions, font and text information and output a tif file of the rendered text. The script would need to wrap and copyfit the text in the rectangle area. That is the most important feature needed. It is the ability to maximize the usage of the rectangle. There are a variety of issues involved that you should be aware of.

- The text will contain both breaking and non-breaking characters which need to be honored. For example, phrases that should not wrap onto separate lines will have non-breaking spaces, 00A0, in them. - The text may contain a mixture of fonts and font styles which will affect the width of a line and the space required.

Is there a developer out there who is willing to help us come up with a solution using Gimp and/or Pango? The work may involve adding features to Gimp and Pango, or just working on a custom solution using existing libraries. We would need to agree to a contract up front before any work is performed. If you have any questions, you can contact me via the list or my work address.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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