Possible Ideas and Suggestions:

1. In a previous post, I agreed with this posting:
. I would like to add an additional reasoning, it would be
consistent with other programs, such as the one I am using, Open Office. One choice to open a new document would be: File – New – (List of Options). This gives the user a list of what kind of option it wants. Of course I am in Writer, so the next option would be CONTROL-N (a universal shortcut) or clicking on the New Document Icon on the toolbar, which would automatically give me a
new default Writer document. The New Document Icon also has a down arrow, showing there are more choices available. For an additional suggestion, the Gimp developers could mimic the same functionality on the Layers Dock. Picture:

2. In addition to the above suggestion, I want to reference this post:
. In regarding the (New Layer, in this instance) pop-up, there is a option for the size of the new layer. May I ask how would this work? If you choose an option bigger than the document, for instance, you can only work within the document size. For example, I use the default New Document size 420x300, then I select New Layer and make its size 800x600. I can't work beyond 420x300 and expect to see the end image. If i remember correctly Flash can work outside of the document, but the end result you cannot see outside of the document size, but this is not Flash. Losing this
option and cutting out the pop-up box for a New Layer, would help decrease at least one pop-up. This leads to my next point.

3. Layers and the Move Tool. This hinders me greatly in my workflow with the Gimp. Simply put, when I select Layer X on the Layer Dock, and move it using the Move Tool, Layer Y should not move at all.

4. (Idea) Simplifying the UI of Gimp. My current Gimp setup looks like this:
http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/1...mpsetup9xb.jpg . All I did here was move the Tool option box over to the Layers Dock and lessened the Tools Dock (v 2.2.11 – Win32). In addition, referencing this post:
, the user shows a toolbar, that functions similar to Adobe Illustrator which I think is a good idea to group tools and shrink the Toolbar dock (please view his updated picture:
http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/toolbar02.png ). Also, referencing this post:
, please note I will only ask for the tabbed functionality, with the main image window as viewed here:
. My idea would possibly be to have a OSX type toolbar, so toolbar functionality possibly does not get lost within the Layer dock as I have it now. For instance Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, on OSX, have their main (file, edit, view, etc) toolbar on top of the screen, followed by a tools toolbar (iconed new, open, save,etc.). Picture here:
http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/7931/pshopcs27co.jpg and
http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/7...ficeosx7ao.jpg . Gimp could use this to help free up the tools dock, and the layers dock. The brushes, patterns and gradients can also be grouped in the Tools toolbar, when the tool is called. This 'simpleUI' could be an option to the user not a default.

5. (Idea) Merge the Freetype tool with the default Type tool. I do not see why both are needed. (for the transformations?)

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