Quoting Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

The PDB function 'gimp-channel-combine-masks' does not appear to
register with the UNDO history. Perhaps it is not supposed to since it
does not modify the image

Of course it modifies the image. The saved channel is part of the image.

Thank you for the explanation. I was obviously confused.

Please file a bug about this.


but there are some other functions that
don't modify the image (that affect channels, paths, and selections)
that do get added to the UNDO history.

What functions are these exactly? Everything that changes the image
must be undoable, and channels, selections and paths *are* part
of the image. Any exception needs a very good reason and must be

I now realize that the functions that *do* get added ("gimp-selection-none", being a simple example) are, in actuality, modifying the image. My confusion stemmed from a comment that the "gimp-edit-copy-visible" was not added to the UNDO history because it didn't modify the image. I inferred more from this comment than I should have.

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