SOC students, if you don't already have a Gnome CVS account, you
should apply for one.  You can find instructions on how to apply

Before you apply, you should familiarize yourself with:

When you apply, ask for an account with full commit access, and
include an explanation something like, "I am a Google Summer of
Code student working on a project involving GIMP, and I am applying
with the approval of Sven Neumann, the maintainer of GIMP".

Please CC me on the email you send to [EMAIL PROTECTED] asking for
access -- I'm not certain that all the SOC students are on this
list, so it's the only way I can find out if anybody has been
left out.  And please let me know if you have any problems --
the system has sometimes been glitchy in the past.

Finally, a caution:  full CVS access gives you write access to
every module in Gnome.  Please don't abuse it -- don't commit
any changes without having discussed them with the maintainer of
a package or some other authority.  

  -- Bill

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