Quoting Sebastian Breuers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
i wondered if there is a possibility to check, if a point is in a given
selection by using an internal gimp function.
If it's not, could someone give me a hint, how to achieve this in creating an
own function?

I don't use Python-fu but the following Script-fu function should be easily ported (or perhaps you can find a better way):

(define (point-in-selection image x y)
  (let* (
      (saved (car (gimp-selection-save image)))
    (gimp-rect-select image x y 1 1 CHANNEL-OP-INTERSECT 0 0)
    (set! return-value (car (gimp-selection-is-empty image)))
    (gimp-selection-load saved)
    (if (= return-value 0)

Note that the selection does not include the points at the rightmost and bottommost edges. For example, if the selection is from (0,0) to (10,10) then the point (10,10) is *not* "in" the selection but (9,9) is. You may need to adjust things to account for this.
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