Alan Horkan ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Jun 2006, Simon Budig wrote:
> > That sounds as if you don't clear the layer before you use it for the
> > first time. Layers created from a Plugin are not initialized from the
> > very beginning. They need to be cleared using e.g. gimp_drawable_fill.
> I remember getting caught out by this too.  Why is necessary to manually
> clear a new layer rather than have it done automatically?

I have no strong opinions on that. I guess the reasoning behind this
behaviour was a speed optimization: If a plugin later renders stuff to
a new layer anyway it would be a waste of time to clear it
automatically. If it doesn't it would just invoke gimp_drawable_fill. No
harm done, except that you have to know about it.

It might even matter for big images...

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