this night the GIMP 2.3.9 release appeared on the FTP server:

Version 2.3.9 is an unstable development snapshot of the GNU Image
Manipulation Program.  It is however not quite as unstable as one might
think, and rumours are that it is one of the last development releases
before the long awaited GIMP 2.4.  So please give this release extensive
testing and make sure that all problems are reported in our bug-tracker.

Over the next weeks, we will try to add the remaining missing features
and to iron out all the bugs that are blocking the 2.4 release.  Any
help with that is very much appreciated.

There are also a couple of tasks to be done for the 2.4 release that
don't require any programming skills.  Would be nice if we had some kind
of a press release for GIMP 2.4.  We will also want to update the
screenshots on  And the About dialog still needs a
new logo...


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