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On Tuesday 06 June 2006 12:25 pm, Dave Neary wrote:
Let's put it in these terms:

can that stuff run a washed out GIMP or Horizon? What do you think
about matching it against the 770?

Stripping down/reorganizing GIMPs user interface hasn't happened on
the the desktop yet, I fail to see how sufficient resources to do it
for the OLPC will magically appear.

Horizon was a testbed for ideas and technologies that would be needed
in GEGL, that grew into a utility which is useful for some purposes;
but still it is mostly a rough proof of concept. The version in CVS,
that (almost) runs comfortably on the 770 is the last version before
migrating to GEGL, which incurred an increased overhead. That version
is 8bit only and of minimal further interest to me. A fully functional
GEGL backed rebirth of horizon will probably happen at some point, but
at the moment that is vapourware and depends on GEGL evolving quite a
bit from it's current (working) state.

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