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Sven> On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 17:36 +0100, Toby Speight wrote:

>> While we're on this subject - obviously the plug-in process has no
>> chance to clear up if it's killed outright,

Sven> Well, in theory it could catch the signal and clean up before it
Sven> exits.

No, SIGKILL can't be caught by a process.

>> so what happens to e.g. undo stack in this case?  Is it all just left
>> hanging as it was, or is there some attempt by Gimp to "roll-back"
>> the effect of the plugin?

Sven> GIMP tries to establish a sane state. IIRC, it pops the context
Sven> the plug-in was running in and makes sure that undo groups are
Sven> closed.

Thanks - I didn't find this in the code (perhaps the closing of
undo groups is part of popping the context?).  It certainly seems
better-behaved than when a plug-in crashes (on 2.2, anyway).

I seem to have solved the problem I was having with the GTS library (I
was using gts_delaunay_refine() rather than gts_delaunay_conform(),
and it wasn't happy), so I should be able to make more progress on my
plug-in over the next few weeks (or whenever I have free time).

Thanks for the help on this.
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