On Sunday 11 June 2006 18:24, GSR - FR wrote:

> > 1) The Shift and Control keys are no longer usable to constrain
> > the rectangle to be square, and to expand from a center-point.
> > Instead there are tool options that do these things.  The overloading
> > of Shift and Control was always difficult to deal with in the
> > old tool, and in the new tool with movable edges, it turned out
> > to be completely impossible.
> So now there is no fast way, only one that involves extra movements
> with extra clicks? From user pov, that is a step backwards, sorry to
> say.

IMHO, the possibility to move edges is a big step forward, and losing the 
shortcut for center and square is a very small price to pay.

Bill, after making a selection, switching to another tool, and then go back 
to rectangle select tool, the guides are gone, and there is no way to move 
the edges anymore. Do you think there is a possibility to add such 
feature ?



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