Clarence Risher wrote:

On 6/15/06, Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Making the art greyscale is a matter of running:

`mogrify -colorspace gray *png`

As to Tango itself...  Just because one group decided to put out some
"standard" icons doesnt mean everyone should use them.  I am
ambivalent to the issue, considering nice SVG icons to be a plus, but
also considering small sharp icons handy especially when working on
embedded platforms.  And Tango's icons in particular do not appeal (or
dis-appeal) to me. We can do better.

I´ve been thinking of doing doing a high-contrast set for graphics apps, that probably could look nice on tiny screens.
It´s a bit further down on my personal todo-list though.
As I´ve understood, noone has ever suggested removing gimps option to choose icon sets and having the default set looking the same as the other tools in the free software artists toolbox (like inkscape and scribus) can´t really be a bad thing, right?
- Andreas
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