On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Jakub Steiner wrote:

> Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 14:16:26 +0200
> From: Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: gimp-developer@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu
> Subject: [Gimp-developer] new default icon theme proposal
> Hi GIMP developers,
> I write to propose a new default icon set for GIMP 2.4. As GIMP is a
> multiplatform application it will in my view benefit greatly from an
> icon set that follows the Tango style guidelines [1].

Will the old icons be offered as a seperate theme set?

If the answer is yes then I look forward to seeing both themes included
soon.  Even if your new Tango theme is not ready/complete enough to be
immediately set as the default it would be great to have the option to
start live testing it alongside the existing icons.

Alan H.
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