On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 21:15 +0200, Raphaël Quinet wrote:

> Most of the functions listed above are currently implemented in the
> metadata plug-in and exported in the PDB.  So you can find a slightly
> longer description of these functions by looking in the Procedure
> Browser and searching for "metadata".  If you are curious, you can
> also look in the code: plug-ins/metadata/metadata.c is where these
> functions are registered and plug-ins/metadata/xmp-model.c is where
> they are implemented.  After moving these functions in the new
> libgimpmetadata library, they would still be exported to the PDB but
> probably renamed gimp-metadata-* instead of plug-in-metadata-*.

I don't really understand that part yet. If the code is in a library
that plug-ins can link to, why are the functions exported to the PDB and
how exactly does this happen?


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