On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:45:55 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 21:22 +0200, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> > [...] However, for
> > greater consistency with other tools I think that it would be better
> > to consider the state of the modifiers _before_ the first click
> > instead of when pressing Enter.
> That does IMO not make sense. The SIOX tool, just like the Intelligent
> Scissors tool requires the user to work on the selection outline for
> quite a while. It makes much more sense to respect the modifiers when
> the selection is actually created and that happens at the end, when the
> user confirms her work and presses Enter.

Users may have a different understanding of what is meant by "when the
selection is actually created".  Or different expectations.  We know
that it is only done at the end. But I would not be surprised that many
users would consider the first click to be "when the selection is actually
created" -- they probably do not care about the difference between a solid
outline and marching ants, or between a masked foreground/background and
marching ants.  They probably consider only when they start defining that

Anyway, my main argument is that it would be more consistent with the
other tools: the other selection tools, the transform tools and the
zoom tool only consider the state of the modifiers before the first
click.  Subsequent changes to the modifiers are ignored even if you
spend quite some time modifying the selection, the transform parameters
or the zoom area: only the initial state matters.

I actually made the wrong assumption once or twice with the iscissors:
I wanted to add a new area to a selection so I pressed Shift before
clicking on the first point, then added more points, closed the shape,
clicked inside it and poof! my selection was gone.  I naively thought
that it would behave as described above and I did not press Shift for
the final click.  I lost my selection and I had no way to undo/redo
this, except by re-selecting.  But maybe I am the only one who has this
expectation for the selection tools?  I don't know.  Only some usability
tests could tell what is best...

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