On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 12:08:34AM +0200, Rapha?l Quinet wrote:
> Anyway, my main argument is that it would be more consistent with the
> other tools: the other selection tools, the transform tools and the
> zoom tool only consider the state of the modifiers before the first
> click.  Subsequent changes to the modifiers are ignored even if you
> spend quite some time modifying the selection, the transform parameters
> or the zoom area: only the initial state matters.
> I actually made the wrong assumption once or twice with the iscissors:
> I wanted to add a new area to a selection so I pressed Shift before
> clicking on the first point, then added more points, closed the shape,
> clicked inside it and poof! my selection was gone.  I naively thought
> that it would behave as described above and I did not press Shift for
> the final click.  I lost my selection and I had no way to undo/redo
> this, except by re-selecting.  But maybe I am the only one who has this
> expectation for the selection tools?  I don't know.  Only some usability
> tests could tell what is best...
i really tried to use siox this weekend.  it is so confusing, i have no
idea what to expect from it or if what happened to me was a bug.

the default is foreground extraction.  i wanted it to background extract
and toggled this tool option.  it toggled itself back to foreground and
it also could not see an honest line that was in the image.  a dark
brown/gray area that ended in a very straight line before a very bright
(luminescent even) area started (which was the background i wanted to

it would not stay toggled and it seemed to be blind to the colors no
matter what values i gave it.  it only selected what i selected which, i
could have used quickmask for and it would have been a lot less toggling
and such.

is the tool broken or are my expectations all wrong?

i am honestly way to baffled to go to bugzilla with this even.

it would be one heck of a status bar message to explain how to use this

also, the tooltips are popping up some freaking huge tool tips.  it is
the long help that is in the script-fu?  i think it was some of the
third party scripts i have installed that were doing this -- i did not
find it at all helpful.

is GIMP showing the help blurb or the about blurb from the scripts?


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