On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 03:36:53PM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> also, the tooltips are popping up some freaking huge tool tips.  it is
> the long help that is in the script-fu?  i think it was some of the
> third party scripts i have installed that were doing this -- i did not
> find it at all helpful.
> is GIMP showing the help blurb or the about blurb from the scripts?

fitting a whole tutorial into that area does not really seem as if it
was the most helpful thing....

let me apologize to everyone whose little freesoftware project i have
been involved in for how many years is it now?  i really had to send
mail out to say that $3000 was not worth it for a nice girl to get
involved in something like how this project worked.

if i am following the logic that i have received locally, i was one of
the first people to have become successful with something like GIMP.
$3000 would not have kept me from having real life problems like i did
and do.  it would have been the very very wrong thing to just let other
girls or nice people fall into the same trap.  it seems like california
has all of the problems michigan did, just with gender removed.

it is more wrong to use and discard people than it is to have been nice
and unable to live up to those expectations.

also, sorry if actually USING the software makes it difficult to report
bugs with that language everyone insists on.  the fact that i am using
it and that i was successful with the project and the people when i had
my life and stuff really ought to count for something.

mostly i am sorry that this world does not allow a girl to be successful
at something without spending the next few years trying to and maybe
succeeding in destroying her.

do you know what has not been in my life now since may of 2003?  love.
if there is no love in a life or in a project it is just going to suck
for everyone.  everywhere around me, love is bought and sold and traded
or only used to make families.  let me be somewhere where there is some
love and maybe even my stuff and then feel free to complain if i am not
being nice.

no outlet for when there is a problem.  no love.  no acknowledgement.
and the biggest problem is this.  it really looks like a bunch of mean
minded little males or malelike females who keep a calendar and know
when to start being unreasonable.

and there.  this email is perhaps the best example of what is wrong when
you fit a whole tutorial into what should be a small space.  you can see
from the screenshot that there are some real problems with this new

if i am to consider that the developers who work with this project are
human beings and have real life issues that need consideration and also
that whatever i expect from them is just my own idea and i should not
actually expect anything -- when does that start from those same people
back to me?

in closing, one of the things that i really really remember from when
everything started to go so badly and wrong is something that scizzo
said.  i am paraphrasing now: "can we work next time as a team?"

i never ever wanted to be alone working on this stuff.  never ever did i
ever think that i could accomplish anything alone.

who do i thank?


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