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It looks like there is a bug in the SIOX tool/gui that causes it to return to the foreground setting unexpectedly, until the Control key is first pressed, then it works as expected.

the 'Contiguous' option being off seems to be key in this case.
I still can't get it to do quite what i tried to make it do.
Anyway.. this is a dubious use of this particular tool; it was designed for use on photographic-type images, which your example is quite unlike. I've tried it on photographs and it generally performs pretty well.
For this case I would have guessed immediately Fuzzy select would be the quickest route to success, and it did turn out that way: it took me ~45 seconds to select all the gradients without the lines or windows.

Though, I suspect that you are tied up in your frustration and thereby preventing yourself from doing things effectively. Maybe you have a genuine grievance or maybe you're just behaving lazy. Personally, I've always found a workout(preferably involving approaching serious peril, and demanding enough to get adrenaline running) good to clear my head and sort out my feelings, decide on something.

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