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On 6/23/06, David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

The tool only does foreground extraction (hence its name). There's no
toggle that would turn it into a background extraction tool.

Makes sense, actually -- the characteristics of a background are less clearly defined than that of an object.

Carol, your test subject is extremely uncooperative.
Attempting to select the foreground and omit all else met with little success:

I guessed from what Sven said, inverting the image colors first might help, and I was right.
I made my second try by:

* Inverting the image
* Selecting the entire image in the initial 'lasso' pass.
* Disabling 'Contiguous'
* Setting L,a,b sensitivity to 0,707,555 respectively. (a,b was just a guess, but L was 0 to accommodate the harsh brightness contrasts of the widgets)
* Switching to background mode
* Scrawling a bit (~3 strokes) on the windows

Overall it was quite straightforward, actually.
(selected areas marked in blueness -- the window 'shadow' got selected, but otherwise it seems quite satisfactory.)

.. My experience above causes me to wonder if 'BGselect' could be made by inverting the L*a*b  values before interpreting them; maybe something to try after 2.4.
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